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Dear Sir/Madam:

Welcome to the homepage of “Ermittler Organisation Deutschland” ©, a network of Germany's most professional business and insurance investigators.

Our organisation, the Ermittler Organisation, was founded in 2012 by Martin W. Wachtler, a former federal law enforcement officer. We offer investigative security services, both nationally and internationally, with the aid of investigation agencies/detectives, auditors, lawyers and other special contacts.

Each member of the Ermittler Organisation has at least 15 years' career experience in the police, intelligence and/or investigation field along with deep expertise in areas such as criminalistics, criminology, insurance law, commercial law, etc.

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Among other things, through this network we can offer you suitable crisis management worldwide at any time; more specifically, we can offer preventive security services as well.

We offer concepts tailored to your specific needs (contents: fact sheet, project plans, research and investigation with evidentiary documentation as well as legally permissible reports and video documents, etc.) and, based on this, a reliable, written quotation. After all, this type of business service and business consulting is a matter of absolute trust and confidentiality.

Our clients include well-known business firms, insurance groups and law firms.

We will be pleased to provide you with references in a personal consultation.

We appreciate your valued interest and will be pleased to assist you if contacted in the event of crisis - or, better yet, to assist you before the harm is done: with our preventive security analyses and concepts.